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Welcome to Hotel Jarun! Thank you for choosing our hotel and we hope that your stay in Zagreb will be a memorable experience. Here, you can find some important information about your stay and the hotel.



From 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the restaurant on the ground floor


From 3:00 PM


Up to 12:00 AM


Free of charge

WiFi Password



Free of charge on the floor -1

You received a room card that is a key to enter your room. Put it in the wall socket to turn on the electricity in the room. Please keep your eye on the card and return in back to us on your check-out.


Reception desk

Reception desk is working 24/7. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach us on the ground floor or by dialing 501 from your room’s phone.

House Rules

Accommodation at Hotel Jarun can only be used by a person duly registered at the reception.
It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable or explosive materials, and objects with unpleasant smell into any hotel area
According to the law on the restriction of the use of tobacco products, smoking is not allowed in the public enclosed spaces of the hotel, and violation of the above will result in a certain monetary compensation.
Cooking and any form of food preparation is not allowed in the room.
If your valuables, money and documents are not stored in the in-room safe with a personal code, the hotel does not take responsibility for their possible disappearance.
Please do not make noise that could disturb other guests in the rooms, hallways and public areas of the hotel, especially between 22:00 – 08:00.
Please immediately inform the Front Desk of any defects or malfunction in the room, or possible dissatisfaction with the service.

Please keep the equipment and furniture safe. We will be forced to charge you any intentional damage caused during your stay.
No pets are allowed in the hotel.
Check out time is until 12 AM.

Fire Hazard Instructions


Contact the Front Desk at 501.
Take Your room key, vacate your room and close the door.
Notify everybody around You.
Activate the closest alarm.
Go to the closest stairway. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Vacate the building.
EXIT CAREFULLY. TOUCH THE DOOR. If the door is not hot, look for the closest exit.
Take Your room key, leave the room and close the door.
If there is smoke You need to stoop.
Go to the closest stairway. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Vacate the building.
Call the Front Desk at 501 and state Your position.
Push wet towels or clothes under the door and in the ventilation so no fumes can enter
Stay focused and wait for further instructions.
If you can not exit the safest thing to do is to stay in Your room.


Phone Instructions

If expecting a call from outside, let the caller dial +385 1 369 1111 and ask for your room number. The Front Desk staff will transfer the call to your room.
To dial to another room just call the room number. Please note that is forbidden to disturb other guests within the hotel.
To dial an outside number, just dial it as usual, with a destination prefix. Outside calls will be charged to you as follows:

Calls within Croatia: 2,00 kn/min
International calls: 4,00 kn/min
Important numbers:
Front Desk: 501
SOS: 112

TV Instructions

If you want to connect your device to a TV set, please contact the front desk to assist you. Only devices that support HDMI connection can be connected to the TV.
You can watch free-to-air TV channels or browse different news, weather report and offers that are provided in the TV system.
To turn on and off TV, please use the red button. Navigation arrows are used to navigate menus and middle circle button is used to confirm action. Use back button to return back to the previous screen and home button to return back to the home screen. There are dedicated volume buttons to control sound volume or to mute it completely.


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Free Parking

Fast Wi-Fi

Huge Gym

Great Espresso

Private bar

Comfy bed

Hotel Jarun is a family operated hotel built in 2009. It has been constantly renewed with new decorations and technology too keep it fresh.

It’s located in quiet neighborhood within a walking distance from public transport and Jarun lake.

Year after year, hotel Jarun is getting great guest’s reviews for excellence in every aspect. Book your stay now and find out why is that so.

Hotel Jarun d.o.o.
Hrgovići 2
10110 Zagreb

OIB: 10383333231
VAT ID: HR10383333231

Bank details:
Erste Bank d.d.
IBAN HR0724020061100907804

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